A picture paints a thousand words.

But how many words can paint your picture?

Tell us a story. You can start at the beginning, middle or end. The story is yours to tell. Share a chapter at a time, or give us a feast of words to enjoy and digest. Again, the story is yours, and you decide how much to share.

Come and sit at the Camp Fire. There, we can share our work like we’re telling tales to the sound of crackling wood with the stars above us.

Don’t worry about editing. Don’t fret about grammar. This isn’t about releasing the next great novel. This is about building confidence in your writing and trusting yourself. Just write and share. And if you’d like feedback from the community, just ask.

To publish your work on this site, go to the Contact menu and send us a message. Your work will not be shared or published anywhere other than on The Pen of Penderyn.